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After cancellation, your money will be sent to your bank as a refund within 3 working days. After the return process, the return process will be started within 3 days after the product is returned and examined.
You can return your purchased products within 14 days. Before returning, please take a look at our return conditions page.
If you have not yet received an sms or e-mail notification that your order has been shipped, you can inform us via the contact form, whatsapp line or our phones and get support for the cancellation process.
Your order; It is delivered to cargo within 3 days at the latest from the date of your order. You are informed by sms and e-mail when your order is shipped. You can track your cargo with the tracking code in your e-mail address.
If you want to make changes on your current order (color, size, etc.), you can write to us with the contact form, contact us on our whatsapp line or call us with our phone number.